What makes a successful show? The answer is simple, it’s equal parts original ideas and strong characters the viewer identifies with and loves. The Laura Show’s freshman Season did just that by bringing to vivid life, Laura’s modern day, romantic comedy world. The show covers every aspect of modern day, from dating and young careers, to social media, pop culture and friendship. Much like a young ‪‪SNL, show creator and star, Laura Linda Bradley’s writing style reflects the world she knows and loves, in a relatable, fresh and painfully honest way! Bradley, like many young creators, has found great success in creating her own content, like Lena Dunham, Tina Fey and other female greats that have preceded her. What makes The Laura Show so special is how passionate Bradley is about the stories and characters that she’s sharing with you. With a semi-autobiographical base, Bradley strives to introduce the audience to relatable and fun characters.‬‬

The Laura Show is done in sketch format to apply to the busy viewer’s attention span; as well as, to introduce the viewer to a wider variety of characters within the show’s world. Laura has been compared to Sex and the City meets New Girl. The show’s writing seamlessly blends the harsh reality of dating and relationships, with the fun loving innocence of friendship and finding yourself.

Title character Laura, played by Laura Linda Bradley, introduces us to 3 hilarious and relatable characters each week. The magic of the show is it’s lack of “look at me” gimmicks, instead show creator Bradley has invested time and heart into the characters, their voices and world, the result is one of the funniest shows you’ve seen in years!

Capturing the classic relationship comedy of the Friends era, Bradley returns the spotlight of comedy to the characters and the world they live in, rather than out of control storylines. Bradley’s characters interact within a modern world of actor’s on set, the 20 something’s apartment and the obvious local coffee shop. Bradley blends sketch comedy timing with sitcom writing style. Each sketch feels like a mini episode, leaving the audience wanting more. Each week the audience’s eyes are open to Bradley’s hilarious point of view on the world. Bradley asks and answers the question, as a woman what would happen if you listened to that crazy little voice in your head? What would she do? What would she say? Would she be more fun than me…? Like New Girl and the iconic Carrie Bradshaw, Bradley brings to life, the voice and thoughts of the modern girl, with a sharp and direct writing style.

Bradley grew up with a rare ability to capture life’s humorous moments in an unparalleled way. The show introduces the viewer to Bradley’s world, and before you know it, you’re falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and loving every minute of it! With an infectious energy, you can’t help but smile when Bradley comes on screen. With an excitement and joy for her work, and one of the most “readable faces” in Hollywood, Bradley is one of a kind.

The Laura Show’s highly successful freshman season won over fans, critics and festivals alike. The Independent Film Playoff, Tower Film Festival and The Academy Of Web Television named The Laura Show, Best Series.