Ashley Tyne

In Actors by Jlines

Ashley has been acting since she was young. Being an only child meant that she had to learn to entertain herself, and in doing so, she quickly learned that she would be able to entertain others. She would write short plays and have her friends come act, dance and sing in them with her to perform at family functions, dinner parties, holidays and the occasional¬†Saturday¬†afternoon get-together. She performed in choir as well as plays and musicals throughout school, but after graduating high school, decided to focus on a more “attainable” dream in fashion. She worked for several designers, lived in NYC for a couple years and loved being creative, but she always had that acting bug inside her wanting to perform for others and make people laugh.

When Laura happened to mention a web-series she was creating, Ashley eagerly jumped at the chance to get back into acting. Her idols in the acting world are Kristen Wiig and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and she aspires to act in more comedic roles.  She is currently working on The Laura Show and is awaiting what the future may hold for her in her acting career.