Laura Linda Bradley

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American actress and writer Laura Linda Bradley has captured the hearts of stage and film audiences alike with her range of roles and diverse characters. Likely best known for her witty and charming sense of humor that she brings to her comedic roles. Laura has also created a number of complex and deeply moving charters in her career, including Lori in the 2016 Emmy winning short film, Active Shooter.

When Laura first created The Laura Show, she had no idea the instant connection fans would have with her beloved characters! Laura has been praised for her painfully honest writing style, and the hilarious, relatable characters she creates. The Laura Show’s freshman season was greeted with rave reviews from both critics and fans alike. The show recently sweep the West Side Tower Film Festival, winning Best Actress, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Series and Best Supporting Actress; as well as winning the Independent Film Playoff beating out over 5,000 other projects to be named Best Web-series! Season 2 of The Laura Show premiers January 10th 2017 and promises to give fans even more of the “Laura humor” they love!

Laura has always surrounded herself both personally and professionally, with driven and like minded people. Her artist circle is one any Hollywood elite would admire; In 2014 she formed C.R.E.A.T.E., an artist co-op, and artist outlet.

Laura currently fills her time writing and working on The LAURA Show as well as auditioning and working LA/NYC. She’s also in pre-production for The Memory of Us, an indie feature slated to start filming in early ’17.

After making her feature film debut in Step Up 2, Laura has gone on to work in a number of independent and studio features including “Winter Goodbyes”, “The Secret Life of Dancers”, “17 Again” & “Pitch Perfect 2”. Born and raised in Southern Virginia, Laura developed a passion for acting and the performing arts at a very early age. She first took the stage at the tinder age of three, that day a dream was realized!

Laura’s passion and love for live theatre and music remains vibrant.  Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2007, Laura has quickly become one of young Hollywood’s fastest rising triple threats!

In addition to her acting career, Laura is a passionate philanthropist, Animal Activist and committed environmentalist. She supports a number of charities, including WildAid, UNICEF, Habitat For Humanity and Global Green USA; she holds board potions on a number of these charities.

A lifelong animal lover, Laura is very passionate about her work with WildAid. WildAid is the only organization of it’s kind focused on reducing the demand for illegal wildlife. With a strong yet simple message WildAid believes, “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” Laura is honored to have been a member of the WildAid Gala committee since 2013!