MQ Tran

In Actors by laura

Fact #1: MQ (Mai-Quyen) is a SAG-AFTRA actress with a great appreciation for sarcasm and dirty jokes.

Fact #2: MQ is a rebel. She always, ALWAYS, pets a dog or cat that is within a foot of her, even though she’s allergic. Genetics be damned!

Fact #3: She has her Bachelor’s of Science stashed away somewhere, to remind her of the obscene amount of money that she spent for four years.

Fact #4:¬†Some of the things in her bucket list are: to skydive, land a role in a Quentin Tarantino film, and travel as much as she can before she’s too old and the arthritis starts to kick in.

Fact #5: She assures you, that she is not 15, and does not need your help finding her parents.